What exactly is a UAV?

A UAV is an unmanned aerial vehicle, which is an aircraft without a human pilot onboard. They are also sometimes called drones. UAVs were first used in military missions that were classified as too dangerous, dull, or dirty for human pilots. Their use has since expanded to include police work, search and rescue operations, and …

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What is Ground Penetrating Radar and it’s Uses

What is Ground Penetrating Radar(GPR)? Technology has helped in developing equipment and machines to make discoveries easier and more precise. One such technological device in this regard is the Ground Penetrating Radar. Much like the traditional radar systems that we are more familiar with. Ground Penetrating Radar (also called echo sounding, Georadar, surface penetrating radar, …

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Lidar Companies in Germany

Lidar technology has exploded in popularity and companies have sprung up worldwide. We have already created lists detailing lidar companies in the USA and Canada. There are many lidar companies in Germany as well and here’s a list of them and the products and services that they offer. Leading Lidar Companies in Germany DEWESoft Location: …

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