What is Ground Penetrating Radar and it’s Uses

What is Ground Penetrating Radar(GPR)? Technology has helped in developing equipment and machines to make discoveries easier and more precise. One such technological device in this regard is the Ground Penetrating Radar. Much like the traditional radar systems that we are more familiar with. Ground Penetrating Radar (also called echo sounding, Georadar, surface penetrating radar, …

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Uses of LIDAR sensor

In cases where efficiency and accuracy are desired, LIDAR systems having laser-oriented sensors have proved to be excellent tools of work with unprecedented capabilities. A LIDAR system comes with an inbuilt laser component as well as a laser sensor. Laser sensors can be integrated into various system components to rhyme well and offer various uses …

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Applications of Lidar Remote sensing

Image source: Lidar remote sensing technology uses light pulses to detect an object’s distance. It uses light pulses to measure the distance by illuminating a target with a laser beam and analyze the reflected light. Remote sensing and Lidar systems (Light detection and ranging) provide invaluable data used in different geoscience applications. The technology …

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