Difference Between Radar Transmitter and Guided Wave Radar Level Transmitter

The transmitter is the part of a radar system responsible for the production of short-duration high-powered radio frequency pulses of energy that is subsequently radiated into space using an antenna. There are various transmitters depending on the scope and usage. We are going to look at the differences between the Guided Wave Radar level transmitter and the Radar transmitter.


Guided wave radar level transmitter

Generate stable, noise-free signal: GWR transmitters generate a much more stable signal that is often free of any noise or obstruction owing to the fact that it operates in a controlled environment. This is why it is useful in clutter rejection cases.

Generate required waveforms to identify target: GWR transmitters are configured to generate just enough waveform to identify the target or the surface level in preparation for measurement.

Generate enough energy to detect target: GWR is responsible for the generation of energy that is enough to identify an intended target. However, not a lot of energy is required for this purpose because GWR operates in a controlled environment.

Provide required bandwidth for transmitted/received signal: GWR must provide the required bandwidth to incorporate the transmitted or received signal.

High efficiency and reliability: GWR transmitter is usually highly efficient and reliable because of its capacity and the area of operation.

Easily maintained: It is easy to maintain a GWR transmitter because it has a smaller field of operation as compared to the Radar transmitters.

Low cost of acquisition and operation: GWR transmitters have a much lower cost in terms of acquisition and maintenance because of the smaller capacity and the smaller field of operation.

High operating pressure of 5000 psig: GWR transmitters require a higher operating pressure up to a maximum of 5000 psig.

High operating temperature: GWR transmitters can operate at extremely high temperatures of between -320 degrees to 752 degrees F.

High measurement range: GWR has a high measurement range and can measure up to 164 ft at any given time.


Radar transmitter

Generates peak and Mean power: Radar transmitters have the ability to generate a mean power and peak power of the Radiofrequency being transmitted.

Contains a suitable RF bandwidth: The Radar transmitter has a suitable Radio Frequency bandwidth depending on the range and purpose of the signal and the area of operation.

Has a high RF stability: The Radar transmitter has a higher Radio Frequency stability in order to meet all the signal processing requirements at all times.

Must be easily modulated: Radar transmitters must be easy to modulate in order for them to meet waveform design requirements.

It is efficient and reliable: Radar transmitters have a higher operating range than GWR transmitters. For this reason, they are more efficient and more reliable because they have to transmit signals over long distances.

It is easy to maintain: Radar transmitters are easier to maintain because they require very minimal maintenance over their life span.

It has a higher life expectancy: Radar transmitters are designed to have a higher life expectancy owing to the fact that they need to transmit signals over long distances and sometimes for a considerable amount of time.

Has a longer range: Radar transmitters do not operate in a controlled environment and for this reason tend to have a longer range as compared to the GWR. The signals transmitted by the Radar transmitter travel for long distances before reaching the desired target and then getting reflected.

Great system power and maintenance: It requires a major share of system prime power and maintenance because Radars are required to generate so much power output. The signals generated by the radar transmitters have to travel long distances and then be reflected again back to the transmitter. The reflected signal has to be as strong as the transmitted signal and for this reason, the transmitter has to be powerful.

It is affordable: Radar transmitters are affordable compared to the GWR transmitters because they have a higher capacity and operating range.

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