9 International companies that make LiDAR

LiDAR technology is easily one of the most sought-after remote sensing technologies in the world today. It is applicable in a variety of industries across the globe with the bulk of its application being in agriculture and forestry. With the dawn of this new remote sensing technology, there is a need for more and more companies to come up and develop LiDAR sensors hence making it cheaper and more competitive. We take a look at some of the companies that make LiDAR.

1. Leosphere

Leosphere is a company that was founded in 2004. Together with its subsidiary, Avent Lidar Technology, they are some of the best technologies when it comes to ground-based LiDAR and nacelle-mounted LIDAR used in atmospheric observation. Leosphere has deployed several hundreds of LIDARs throughout the world in some of the most severe environments with the same concern; reliability, accuracy, return on investment, and dedication to atmospheric hazards control.


2. Princeton Lightwave

Princeton Lightwave is currently leading in the supply of Geiger mode LiDAR based on the processing and detection of single photons digitally, precisely, and also in real-time. These LiDAR sensors always enhance situational awareness and security in a wide range of applications. Geiger-mode LiDARs enable eye-safe, long-range autonomous driving as well as high-speed, high-resolution 3D mapping and target identification.


3. EOLOS Floating LiDAR Solutions

EOLOS Floating Lidar Solutions is a LiDAR company that offers a cost-effective, accurate, and highly reliable integrated wind measuring system for offshore applications. EOLOS Floating specializes in the design, integration, and implementation of Floating Lidar offshore wind measurements. The EOLOS LiDAR Buoy, for instance, is an independent and autonomous wind, wave, and current measuring LIDAR technology that is provided with oceanographic instrumentation. It allows performance measurements at heights of more than 200m above the sea level at a relatively lower cost than conventional bottom-fixed offshore met masts.


4. Innoviz Technologies

Innoviz is responsible for the development of cutting-edge LiDAR remote sensing solutions that enable the mass commercialization of self-driving vehicles. InnovizOne was the company’s flagship LiDAR product that offers a solid-state LiDAR to deliver superior performance at a much lower cost. It also reduces the sizes that are necessary for adoption by the mass market. Innoviz was founded in January 2016 in Israel by former members of the Israel Elite Defense Forces.


5. TriLumina

TriLumina Corp. has developed the fastest, most powerful semiconductor lasers in the world that enable the application of low-cost solid-state LiDAR for autonomous cars. The company’s powerful Infrared emitters have enabled the use of LiDAR for advanced driver assistance systems and autonomous operation applications. TriLumina is now looking to expedite the move of high-quality LiDAR sensors into cars and illuminate the inside of cars with some of the most powerful Infrared Lighting to remind passengers to keep their heads on the roads.


6. Neptec Technologies

Neptec Technologies is credited for the development of innovative 3D machine vision products for machine automation and robotics applications in some of the world’s harshest environments. OPAL 3D LiDAR scanner is one of Neptec’s products that was built from the ground up using the latest innovations in laser optics, detection technologies, and intelligent real-time 3D processing. It delivers a rare combination of detection range, data density, acquisition speed, and obscurant-penetration capability in a smaller, lighter package.


7. LedderTech

LeddarTech is the developer and owner of Leddar, a patented solid-state LiDAR sensing. It is a unique combination of advanced light wave digital signal processing and software algorithms that enable the production of solid-state LiDARs delivering superior performance and reliability at a highly competitive price. LeddarTech’s sensors are used in multiple mobility-related markets including automotive, intelligent transport systems, drones, and industrial vehicles.


8. Velodyne LiDAR

Velodyne is a global technology company that is known for its real-time LiDAR sensors. Over the years, the company has emerged as one of the leading manufacturers of real-time 3D systems. The LiDAR sensors produced by Velodyne are used in a variety of applications including autonomous vehicles, 3D mapping, and aerial mapping. Its compact, lightweight HDL-32E sensor is available for many applications including UAVs.


9. Quanergy

Quanergy Systems is a technology company based in Silicon Valley and specializes in the production of smart sensing solutions. It is best known for the production of time-of-flight LiDAR sensors. It is also the provider of perception software that is used in the real-time capture of 3D spatial data. The sensors produced by this company are top of the range in terms of performance, pricing, size, and even reliability. The sensors are applicable in numerous industries including transportation, agriculture, and robotics.

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