10 Lidar Sensors for Drones

lidar sensors


Lidar drone sensors capture imagery and provide drone operators with accurate 3D mapping instantly. In some few years ago to get the same imagery, a large aircraft with heavy Lidar sensors were used.

Lidar sensors are becoming increasingly diverse and the drone technology keeps on changing so are the sensors. Buying the latest commercial drones with Lidar sensors, you will have an all-in-one solution for carrying out any application.


Popular UAVs sensors:


1. MiniV

This is a popular sensor known for its compact size and impressive performance. It is a lightweight Lidar system measuring to about 3.4lbs which is half the size of a standard Snoopy V Series.

This sensor is used in icy and snowy locations or in dense foliage landscapes. It provides a 360-degree view of the field

2. Snoopy A Series

This consist of two types of drone sensors; Puck & puck LITE and HDL-32E. The two Lidar systems provide accurate 3D mapping and their compact in size.

Puck &Puck LITE is increasingly popular due to its low prices and a list of specification whereas HDL-32E is more powerful with an accuracy of +/-2cm.

3. ScanLook Revolution

ScanLook Resolution has more than one laser and is used to provide an accurate measure of objects or locate objects and return them to a particular location if need be.

It is suitable for measuring archaeology, law enforcement forensics, encroachment survey, and volume calculation stockpiles.


These sensors are available in the form of TREX, TREX LITE, and TREX HD. The TREX sensor is used for all types of applications and weighs 2.1 kg. TREX LITE offer the same performance with a weight of 1.6kg. TREX HD can shoot 700 000 points per seconds and uses 32 lasers. A standard TREX uses at least 16 lasers.

5. Snoopy V Series

There are various types Snoopy V series you can choose from. VUV-1 UAV model provides you with a powerful 3D mapping of objects. The sensor can measure objects up to 100ft in the air with a field view of 330 degrees.

V series drones provide an accuracy of 360 degrees field view.


This sensor is fitted with laser scanning and helps you capture data in dangerous areas or hard to reach areas. VUX-1UAV is a lightweight Lidar laser scanner which gives accurate information on various applications. The sensor can be mounted in any orientation even in areas with limited space conditions.

7. LeddarTech Vu8

This Lidar sensor provides high-accurate multi-target detection with eight independent segments. The fixed laser light on the Vu8 helps increase sensors robustness and makes it cost effective.

Vi8 also has a high tolerance for noise and interference thus not affected by direct sunlight, lighting, and other conditions.

8. LeddarOne

It is suitable for small UAVs and it has a full-beam sensor module dedicated to measuring a single point. This sensor is used in drones designed for security and surveillance, level sensing, and presence detection.

9. LidarPod

Routescene LidarPod is a reliable, cost-effective sensor, and robustly engineered to prove accurate presentation of the location. The LIDARPod sensor combined with the best UAVs technology captures accurate and high point cloud density.

10. YellowScan

YellowScan is ultra-compact and lightweight Lidar which provides 3D laser mapping and aerial remote sensing solution. The LiveStation software installed in the sensors monitors data in real-time. The sensors provide accurate and quality data which can be used in making the decision.

The YellowScan sensor is used in small drones and can collect data in near real-time within a small area usually less than 12 km.

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