Best Radar Detectors under $100

Radar detectors help detect if your car speed is being monitored by law enforcement officers via the radar guns. It ensures any laser speed trap backups will not catch you thus, making it a comprehensive defense system for those drivers not fond of speeding tickets.

Some of the best radar detectors in the market are under $100 and there is a variety you can choose from.

Reviews on the best radar detectors under 100:

1. Cobra ESD7570

This is a high-performance radar/laser detector which can go undetected. The device has icons that display the pinpointed radar band. Cobra ESD7570 provides superior service from a distance.

If you travel a lot within the city or on short distances, then this radar is ideal for you. It has a user-friendly interface and it has features like auto mute, safety alert, and the ability to change to city drive or highway mode.

2. Cobra SPX955

Cobra SPX955SPX955 uses Cobra’s Xtreme Range Super-heterodyne Technology to increase signal detection capabilities and warn you against any faster radar guns. This model doubles the warning time and detection range of the previous SPX models.

It uses in-vehicle technology (IVT) filter to avoid giving you false alerts from other systems within your car.

3. Cobra RAD350

Cobra RAD350It can detect a radar system faster than any other budget models in the market. This radar detection device features “instant on” protection to provide you with faster alerts against any radar guns. It uses IVT to filter false alerts from electronics that provide false flags like vehicle collision avoidance or traffic control monitoring device.

RAD 350 provides you with auto dimming, quiet alerts, and digital strength meter to help determine your range from a laser or radar gun monitoring your speed.

4. Whistler XTR140

Whistler XTR140XTR 140 is a reliable radar detector which monitors all VG-2, laser bands, and safety radar. This detector has twin alert periscope which provides you with visual alerts using LED flashlights.

It provides both audio and visual warnings of radar systems with a high response rate. It uses alert priority to prioritize between different band signals.

The VG-2 cloaking technology makes your car undetectable by the law enforcement detectors.

5. Uniden LRD750

Uniden LRD750LRD750 is a sturdy piece of equipment that covers 4 bands including the laser guns. It uses voice alert feature to warn you of any radar gun signals and makes your vehicle undetectable by the police. It has a bright OLED display screen which makes it easy to read alerts. You can also use voice alerts

6. Whistler CR75

Whistler CR75This is one of the most powerful laser detectors with ability to detect quick signals. It uses a LED display to ensure you will not have any issue when viewing the radar screen detector. The radar features superior range when driving on the countryside making it an excellent choice compared to the same category of radar detectors.

7. Whistler XTR130

Whistler XTR130

This detector enables you to make a choice on the drive mode based on where you’re driving. If you’re on the highway, you can make the mode sensitive compared to when driving on a regular road.

The device provides you with 3 city modes and a quiet mode. It can detect radar, laser, and VG-2 emissions.

8. Cobra XRS9370

Cobra XRS9370This device has superfast sweep circuitry to offer extended detection range. It has different detection modes and comes with supreme data display. Its specter alert mode automatically warns you of any surveillance.

The radar detector has a built-in memory function and its safety alert function warns you of any road hazard and emergency vehicles.

9. Whistler XTR265

Whistler XTR265This device provides 360-degree protection against radar and laser signals. It has POP mode safety alerts and safety warning system for advanced alerts against dangers on the road.

The VG-2 technology helps you go undetected by anti-radar detector technology used by police.

10. Uniden LRD450

Uniden LRD450LRD450 is another finest radar detector under $100. It has long-range radar and laser uncovering capability. It detects radar gun emission and gives you audio alerts of the gun presence. The device can monitor a wide range of bands like X, K, Ka, and L and determine the frequency being detected.