List of LiDAR companies in Canada

LiDAR technology continues to make valuable changes in the global industries in almost all spheres of life. The technology has made it possible for manufacturers to design automated vehicles and for the military to conduct covert operations across the globe. Below are some of the companies that deal with LiDAR in Canada.


Teledyne Optec Incorporated

Teledyne Optech has been a world leader in the design, development, and manufacture of advanced LiDAR instruments for 40 years. Teledyne Optech is widely recognized for its technological depth in LiDAR and related technologies, with decades of experience in LiDAR and photogrammetry, as well as auxiliary technologies such as GPS, inertial measurement systems, and waveform digitization. With a global network of distributors and representatives, Teledyne Optech supplies and supports clients all around the world. LINK


Lasermap Image plus

Lasermap Image Plus is an operating division of PHB Group, an independent, private company. The company has owned its Optech airborne LiDAR equipment since its incorporation and has detailed knowledge of its integration and operation, Lasermap Image Plus has complete capability to provide fully accurate and detailed LiDAR digital terrain models and digital imagery. This knowledge, acquired through more than 10 years of experience, ensures accurate positioning of the airborne survey system and intelligent processing of the data. Lasermap Image Plus is located in Boisbriand north of Montréal, Canada. LINK


Ammonit Measurement

Ammonit offers high-quality measurement equipment for wind and solar resource assessment, wind and solar power plant monitoring (SCADA), power curve measurement, soiling measurement of solar modules, and climate research. As a wind energy pioneer, Ammonit has been playing a leading role in the global wind measurement sector since 1989. In order to monitor measurement campaigns, met mast operators and users of LiDAR and SoDAR devices rely on Ammonit’s efficient online platform AmmonitOR. LINK



PHB is a worldwide provider of digital data services using the latest advancements in LiDAR airborne laser mapping technology and multispectral aerial photography to provide developers with the most accurate 3-dimensional topographical data available. Participating in multidisciplinary projects over the past years has enabled the PHB Group to gain unique technical expertise and managerial skills in vast parts of the globe, mainly in Canada, United States, Chile, Venezuela, Peru, Central America, Africa, and Asia. LINK



Softree was born of a need to develop forestry road design software for the rocky & steep terrain of Canada’s West Coast. Since then it has grown and expanded into other civil markets as well. Today Softree’s clients include consultants, governments, landowners, and other stakeholders in a variety of industries all over the world. Softree develops software that is innovative and powerful. Softree is always trying to tackle new large and complex engineering problems. LINK


MDH Engineered Solutions

MDH Engineered Solutions Ltd. provides innovative and cost-effective solutions to geoenvironmental problems. The company thrives on applying the latest engineering and science to find solutions to the most difficult geotechnical and geoenvironmental problems. Research, generation of new knowledge, and development of new technology provide the edge that keeps the company involved in major projects in Saskatchewan and worldwide. A specialized materials testing laboratory facility provides an integral part of the company that complements its research and consulting services. LINK


AXYS Technologies Inc

AXYS Technologies Inc. (AXYS) is an expert in the Design, Manufacture, and Deployment of remote environmental monitoring systems worldwide for the past 40 years. AXYS applies its extensive knowledge and experience to marine, freshwater, offshore wind resource assessment, and land-based monitoring systems that measure aquatic, oceanic, and atmospheric parameters. Offered in addition are technical field services to train and support customers in the operation and maintenance of all products, as well as data management and analytics services. AXYS systems and turnkey solutions utilize cost-effective technology proven to be reliable and durable in a wide range of applications, including harsh and remote marine environments. LINK



SewerVUE`s pipe penetrating radar (PPR) is a revolutionary patented technology for underground pipe inspection. The remotely operated Surveyor robot merges CCTV data with PPR measurements to accurately identify pipe wall thickness, composition defects, reinforcement cover, locate cracks, voids, and cavities outside underground non-metallic pipes. The PPR equipment is track mounted and equipped with two high-frequency antennae, which can be remotely rotated to any clocking angle between 9 and 3 o’clock positions. LINK 

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