List of LIDAR Companies in the USA

The era of self-driving cars is here with us and with it comes the need and competition to have safe self-driving cars on the road. Companies have gone all out to ensure that they stay at the top as far as this technology is concerned. With good reason, check out our article Advantages of LiDAR in Self-Driving Cars. So what are some of the companies that specialize in LiDAR technology?

1. LiDAR America Inc

LiDAR America is a top LiDAR technology company founded in 2013. It is located in Fullerton, California (USA). It specializes in the emergence of technological innovations for the study of topography and bathymetry. The success of this company is pegged on the fact that it is the only LiDAR Company to offer the fusion of topographic and bathymetric data in a single result. LINK

2. Quanergy

Quanergy is a Silicon Valley company that is privately owned. It is currently the leading provider of time-of-flight LiDAR sensors and perception software for the procession of 3D spatial data. It is famous for the production of disrupting sensors in terms of pricing, performance, quality, size, and reliability. The sensors manufactured by Quanergy are applied in different sectors of the economy including manufacturing, transportation, surveying, security, and mapping. LINK

3. Velodyne LiDAR

This is a technology company that is renowned for its real-time LiDAR sensors. It has made a name for itself as the best manufacture and supplier of 3D real-time perception systems. Its sensors are used in a variety of fields and applications including autonomous vehicles, 3D aerial mapping, 3D mobile mapping, and many more. The company is also popular with the VLP 16 LiDAR pack that is not only less expensive but also much smaller than previous models. LINK

4. TriLumia

This is a USA-based company that was founded in 2010. They are mostly popular for the design and manufacture of low-cost LiDAR sensors mainly for automotive applications. The Driver Monitoring Systems from this company is a high-end product that provides illumination options for a DMS but in a much more optimized way. Instead of the conventional LEDS, it uses a laser and ensures the illumination occurs only to what is important based on real-time inputs from the vehicle. LINK

5. TetraVue

This company is a brainchild of Paul Banks and was founded in 2008. One of its most popular LiDAR is the HD LiDAR solid state. It is not only a low power consuming LiDAR but it is also long-ranged and high resolution and has a variety of applications in various industries. LINK

6. Stratio, Inc

Stratio Inc is a privately owned company that was founded in 2013. One of its major flagship products is LinkSquare. This is an affordable, portable, versatile, and portable spectrometer that is used for the analysis of consumable products at the molecular level. It uses a short wave image sensor that can penetrate objects and capture their sub-surface images. The analysis of data is done with the use of algorithms that are linked to the database at the backend and the information is relayed to the user’s smartphone. This technology has been in use for quite some time now especially by the military. Stratio has just made it available to ordinary people. LINK

7. CityScan

This is a venture-backed software company that was founded in 2011. It has its headquarters in Chicago. CityScan has made a name in the development and distribution of technology that is applied in the field of intelligent data collection and smart city integration. LINK

8. Fugro EarthData Inc

This is a global remote sensing organization based in Maryland, USA. It specializes in GIS, mapping, surveying, and the provision of other customized solutions to support land and other natural resource management activities. The technologies employed by Fugro have the capacity to transform the information about the earth’s data into accurate maps either in 2D or 3D. The technology is used in a variety of fields such as design, surveys, mapping, transportation, and many more. LINK

Don’t think it’s just the US leading the way in Lidar technology, it’s worldwide. Check out The top 10 LiDAR companies in India here and 9 International companies that make LiDAR here

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