Pros and Cons of Radar detectors

These are devices that are bought to detect radio waves. As a matter of fact, radar detectors detect radio waves in a range of wavelengths X, K, Ka, and Ku.

Today, these devices have seen many uses. In some cases, they are used to inform motorists about speed traps and radar guns. In some other cases, they are used for exploring, fishing and tracking.

Depending on the use, there are several things that you are supposed to consider before you buy one. These include the purpose, the budget, whether you need an expert to install the radar detector, and many others.

Now before you get to that extent of thinking about buying radar detectors, you should be well versed with its pros and cons. In this brief, we are going to list and explain the ten pros and ten cons of Radar Detectors.

Pros of Radar Detector:

1. They aid in someone’s decision to speed – Although there’s a myth that radar detectors help reduce the speed of a vehicle, the fact remains that they only aid the decision to speed.

2. It saves you money – In some countries where radar detectors are legal, they can actually aid someone’s decision to speed which can reduce the chances of getting a ticket.

3. It saves you time – When you are fishing or exploring, you can use these machines to detect a barrier or a fish which saves you a lot of time along the way.

4. It saves you a great deal of hassle – It can be a bit difficult and time-consuming to detect roadblocks and other road issues. With a radar detector, all this hassle will be eliminated.

5. Travel easier – Using a radar detector, you will not waste a lot of time when you are traveling. It actually helps you manage your speed and at the same time avoid unnecessary traps that can otherwise take a lot of your time.

6. They are legal – The good thing is that radar detectors today are legal in every state in the US except for Virginia and Washington. What this means is that you can use them from wherever you are without any worries. This now makes getting a radar detector a very wise investment.

7. Radar detectors reduce tickets – In the US, speeding tickets attract millions of money each year. If you decide to get a radar detector, then you will have saved a lot of money spent on speed tickets every single year.

8. Radar detectors work in any weather – You shouldn’t think that during the winter or the rainy season these machines will not work. They work in almost all weather throughout the year.

9. They improve safety – Radar increases your safety. When most people see a police car, they are likely to take an instant break out of panic which increases the risk of tragic accidents. With a radar detector, you will notice police from far and decelerate accordingly.

10. They give warnings – When you have a radar detector, you will always get warnings about your speed. This means they help you keep the eye on the road as they warn you when you reach certain speeds.

Cons of radar detectors:

1. People using radar detectors tend to over speed – Now that the driver is sure he will be notified when a police approaches, they tend to speed when they are not being watched.

2. They are not very accurate – There are some claims that radar detectors are accurate up to a certain limit. Past this, you will not get accurate information.

3. Police are countering the tactic – Don’t think that because you have a radar detector police are dumb and will not notice. Police know that these machines are out there and so they have better tactics.

4.You cannot talk your way out when you are caught – If the police know that you have a Radar detector, then you are either given a warning or a ticket. As a matter of fact, you are not going to talk your way out of the situation.

5. There are better solutions – Although a radar detector can save you once or twice, there are better solutions out there. You can use Google Maps and Trapster.

6. Risk of failure – Most people usually wonder why their machines didn’t go off. That is true; there are greater chances of failure which can increase your risks for a ticket.

7. Advancement in Police technology – The police are gradually developing their technology to an extent that radar will not be very effective.

8. They are expensive – Buying a radar detector is a massive investment.

9. Illegal in some states – There are some states that don’t allow the use of radar detectors including California and Washington. Some countries also don’t allow the use of Radar detectors. Please be mindful.

10. Increases chances of an accident – When you over speed knowing that you will be notified when police are approaching, you increase the risk of an accident.

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