10 Lidar Sensors for Drones

  Lidar drone sensors capture imagery and provide drone operators with accurate 3D mapping instantly. A few years ago to get the same imagery, a large aircraft with heavy Lidar sensors was used. Lidar sensors are becoming increasingly diverse and drone technology keeps on changing so are the sensors. By buying the latest commercial drones …

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Differences between the Lidar Systems and Depth Camera

Image source: Lidar systems and depth cameras have become part of today’s depth-sensors in the digital market. The sensors supplement the current monocular RGB images by providing per-pixel depth information of the target objects. The depth- sensors accurately measure the distance and wavelength of a target object and return a 3D representation. Although the …

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Lidar Vs Photogrammetry Technologies

Lidar and photogrammetry technologies are almost similar but different at the same time based on the techniques used. Lidar is a light detection and ranging technology that uses laser beams. Photogrammetry transforms the 2D images into 3D models. Lidar and photogrammetry have different use cases with different conditions and deliverables. The two technologies offer fast …

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