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9 Best Radar Detector for Android

Speed limits are usually mounted on roads to ensure drivers do not over-speed thereby endangering their own lives and those of other motorists. However, the punitive fines that are associated with over-speeding are sometimes beyond what people can afford. This is why you need a radar detector app to help you avoid being penalized. Below…

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What is police LiDAR? and How Does it Work?

What is police LiDAR? Police LiDAR is a technological device that is used by law enforcement officers to calculate the speed of a vehicle. It is a device that uses the principles of reflection to calculate distances between the device and the vehicle and then using this information to calculate the speed of the vehicle….


Advantages and Disadvantages of RADAR systems

RADAR stands for Radio Detection and Ranging System. It is an electromagnetic system used to detect the distance and location of an object from the RADAR transmitter. RADAR works on the principle of reflection where radio waves are transmitted through space onto the object and the echoes or reflections are monitored. Radio signals are transmitted…

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15 LiDAR Applications in Agriculture

LiDAR technology is one of the most advanced and most accurate technologies in the GIS system. Its uses cut across several industries with various professionals and institutions relying on LiDAR data for information. One such industry is agriculture. LiDAR is used extensively for various reasons in the agricultural sector. Below are some of its uses…

LIDAR Forestry

15 LiDAR Applications in Forestry

LIDAR is an active form of remote sensing that stands for Light Detection and Ranging. It is mainly used to measure distances between earth and space using laser pulses that emanate from a sensor and striking an object and then reflected back to the sensor. This technology has several uses in forestry. Below are a…