9 Best Marine Radar for the Money

Radar technology has in the recent past been in very high demand in the marine industry. This is because marine vessels rely on the radar for most of their navigational needs including collision avoidance. There are so many marine radars in the market to choose from. This list provides 9 of the best marine radars for the money to help you make an informed choice.

1. Furuno DRS4D-NXT

The DRS4D-NXT is a solid-state radar that is equipped with pulse compression and Doppler frequency shift sensing technology. The radar comes with a number of features that include a revolutionary target analyzer that automatically changes the color of approaching targets hence indicating the dangers that are on your causeway. Each color sends a different message. For instance, green shows a stationary target or a target that is moving at less than 3knots. A red color shows targets that are moving at a speed of 3 knots or higher.

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2. Garmin Fantom 4

The Garmin Fantom 4 is a 4 ft and 40-watt radar that employs the use of MotionScope technology with a Doppler effect to highlight moving targets to avoid collisions. It also comes with an Auto Bird setting that helps the crew pick out birds that are feeding on the surface of the water. It also features a pulse expansion feature that maximizes targets to separate real targets from noise.

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3. Koden MDC-7000

The MDC-7000 is designed for use by Professional River, offshore and coastal workboats. It can easily be integrated with a separate SXGA monitor. This radar can easily be configured using a variety of antenna sizes of 4, 6 or 9 foot long and is available in an IMO-Wheelmarked version that can meet all the latest specifications. It is effective in the delivery of very clear targets and separation for enhanced safety.

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4. Lowrance Broadband 4G

The Lowrance Broadband 4G is a solid-state radar that is the first of its kind to use Beam Sharpening which has the capacity to improve the resolution of the objects to deliver extremely sharp images. The target separation control feature allows the user to easily adjust the level of separation by changing the width of the beam to achieve specific navigational needs.

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5. Onwa KR – 1238

The Onwa KR – 1238 is a 12-inch marine radar that comes with a 36 nautical mile range. It features a massive 60 cm radome antenna and 4kW power output that is capable of powering the entire system. It also comes with an enhanced feature known as Target Tracking that has the capability of plotting up to a maximum of 30 different targets.

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6. Raymarine Quantum

The Raymarine Quantum radar is definitely the next generation of marine Radars. It is designed with a CHIRP pulse compression technology that sets a high standard as far as solid-state radar is concerned. It is capable of delivering high-resolution imaging for both short and long ranges. It is lightweight and comes with an integrated Wi-Fi technology that makes it efficient and much easier to install.

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7. Simrad HALO-4

The Simrad HALO-4 was the first high-performance solid-state recreational radar designed with a pulse compression technology. It is unique in the sense that it combines the advantages of broadband radar with the traditional pulse radar systems. This means it is not only capable of operating on short ranges but can also operate on long ranges of up to 64 nautical miles. The Simrad HALO-4 does not depend on the vacuum tube or high-powered magnetron to transmit a signal which enables it to transmit very crystal clear images.

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8. SI-TEX T-760

The SI-TEX T-760 comes with advanced features such as touch-screen control, target tracking, and the standard MARPA to various sailing, fishing, and cruise boats. It comes with a slim LCD monitor that allows it to be mounted to any vessel quite easily. It has a range of about 48 nautical miles and a standard AIS tracking capability.

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9. Raymarine RD418HD

This radar features all the performance capabilities of an open array scanner in a small enclosure that can be mounted on any vessel with ease. It has a 256 color target display and a digital signaling processing that guarantees very high-quality clear images. In addition to that, it also has several features such as the bird mode and dual-range scanning, and a high-speed 48 RPM mode.

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