List of long range marine radar

The marine radar industry has been experiencing a lot of competition in the recent past with various radar companies coming up with different designs of radar systems with more advanced features. There is a variety of long-range and short-range radar systems that each play a significant role in marine vessel object detection. We take a look at some of the long-range marine radar systems.

1.    Simrad HALO

The Simrad HALO is a Pulse Compression Radar range and also the world’s first high-performance recreational, open-array radar system. It has the advantage of blending the uses of the traditional pulse radar system with broadband radar technology to give high-performance short-range and long-range services of up to 72 nautical miles. The Simrad HALO does not also depend on the vacuum tubes to transmit signals, unlike the traditional radar systems which guarantee high-resolution images.

2. Furuno DRS4W

The DRS4W is the first wireless radar that can be accessed directly from any iOS device. This allows users to carry the radar display anywhere they go while enjoying the convenience of pocket experience. It gives you the freedom to roam owing to the fact that the display is not tethered. In addition to that, the radar is easy to use thanks to the familiar gestures and the design simplicity that is easy to understand.

3. Garmin GMR 1226xHD2

The Garmin GMR 1226xHD2 is designed for use by serious seafarers operating very large yachts and boats. It comes with a special feature that makes it highly sensitive and delivers consistent target positioning that makes it ideal for offshore cruising and overnight fishing expedition. The radar is mainly used in tracking other boats, land, and for finding other game. It also comes with a bird mode that helps you pick out birds on the surface of the water. It has a maximum range of about 72 nautical miles.

4. B&G 4G

The B&G 4G is a broadband radar system that features Beam Sharpening which helps in improving the resolution of the object thus delivering crispy radome images. The 4G radar is designed to eliminate the main bang and provide fewer emissions than a cell phone. In addition to that, it also comes with a signature Broadband Radar close-range capability, 4G’s exclusive dual-range functionality making it the only recreational radar that is capable of simultaneously displaying distances of up to 72 nautical miles.

5. Hummingbird HD

The Hummingbird HD radar is designed with MARPA and allows tracking of up to 20 targets. Sector zone or guard zones can be set up to monitor each zone. It also comes with an additional Gain/Sea clutter control that eliminates screen clutter that is caused by rain and sea returns. The Hummingbird boasts of high-quality performance that can be used for both short-range and long-range measurements of between 36 nautical miles to 72 nautical miles.

6. Koden MDC-2500

The Koden MDC-2500 Series Radar is a radar system that comes with a 15 inch LCD display and other additional features including True Trail Function, Automatic Tracking Aid that can map up to 50 different targets. It has a new signal processing technology that ensures even the smallest targets are mapped and displayed under real-world conditions. It can display a number of information regarding a vessel including the vessel name, the vessel distance, and even the vessel speed of up to 200 targets.

7. Raymarine RD418HD

This radar features all the performance capabilities of an open array scanner in a small enclosure that can be mounted on any vessel with ease. It has a 256 color target display and a digital signaling processing that guarantees very high-quality clear images. In addition to that, it also has several features such as the bird mode and dual-range scanning, and a high-speed 48 RPM mode. The transmitters attached to the Raymarine RD417 are powerful enough and are capable of cutting through dense fog, rain, and spray while processing HD images.

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