9 Best Weather Radar App for Android

There are several weather applications around the internet but not all of these are top notch as far as service and performance is concerned. Although the weather can be predicted, it is always a good idea to have the information at your fingertips so that you stay in control of your day and dressing. This is why we have compiled some of the best weather radar apps to help you make an informed choice.

1. Weather timeline


You will spend less than $2 to get this app but it will be the best expenditure of your life. Just like the name suggests, the app is a weather timeline that helps you keep track of the state of the weather at all times. Apart from being able to select from a variety of weather services, the app also gives you notifications in case the weather is bound to change. In addition to that, you also have radar maps that allow you to visualize the state of the clouds or the expected rain. Link

2. YoWindow


The best thing about this application is the fact that it gives you a cartoonist impression of the state of the weather in your surrounding over time so that instead of the boring graphs and figures you are able to tell the exact condition of the weather just by having a glance. You can also scroll through the day by going over the different hours of the day to see the changes over time. In addition to that, it is quite simple to use. Link

3. Dark sky


Dark sky easily makes it to this list thanks to the precision of the data and forecast it gives over time. You will be able to know the exact weather conditions in the next five minutes as opposed to the vague forecasts we get from other applications. In addition to that, this app also gives you a daily weather digest every morning to keep you in control. In order to enjoy all the features of the app, you will need to buy the premium version. Link

4. Morecast


Morecast has some of the best and intuitive features that make it easy to read and interpret the weather for the day. In a single view of the screen, you will be able to see the current weather condition and a single swipe takes you to tomorrow’s weather condition. You can also access a seven day forecast of the weather which keeps you in control of your entire week. The application can easily be used by both novices and experts since it gives you all the information but in single doses. Link

5. WeatherBug


WeatherBug has one of the best display dashboards which offer the user a great experience. With this app, the user is able to access information regarding weather conditions in more than one location. The app also notifies the user of any severe weather conditions and provides traffic updates to the user. You can plan for just about anything besides the fact that it allows you to customize some of the features and even save your favorite locations for live updates. Link

6. Flowx


Flowx is a unique weather application when it comes to display and user experience. It comes with a homepage that shows you the entire map of the world. You can then pick any location on the map and get the weather updates for that particular location. It also comes with a desktop widget that shows a graphical summary of the weather elements for your benefit and quick view. Link

7. Accuweather


Just like the name suggests, you are guaranteed accurate weather notifications at all times during the day if you use this application. It also has a RealFeel weather index that gives you a feeling of the weather conditions outside instead of showing numbers that may not make sense. You will be able to access the weather information in graphs, numbers and even video information for our location. Link

8. The weather channel


The accuracy of this weather application cannot be rivaled. It is designed to give the user forecast in real time and can also forecast the weather for the next ten days. In addition to that, you will also be provided with information regarding other weather elements such as the amount of precipitation and the wind speed and direction. It features an intuitive display that is easy to use and can also show you weather-related videos from various parts of the world. Link

9. NOAA weather radar


This app is one of the best weather apps thanks to its ability to provide data regarding extreme weather. The data given by this app is not only real time but also authentic since it comes from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. With this app, you will be able to get information on cyclones, tornadoes and all the other severe storms. Link

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