9 Best Radar Detector for Android

Speed limits are usually mounted on roads to ensure drivers do not over-speed thereby endangering their own lives and those of other motorists. However, the punitive fines that are associated with over-speeding are sometimes beyond what people can afford. This is why you need a radar detector app to help you avoid being penalized. Below are some of the best radar detector apps.



Waze is one of the best radar detector applications that come with a variety of functionalities. Among its best features is a live feed of traffic updates at all times. It will also show you all the police locations in and around your surroundings. The app also provides data on all accidents on the roads and helps you avoid those roads. You can easily interact with other members who are on the same route and get more information from them. App Link



This application comes with a lot of features that will keep you aware of all your surroundings. It will provide information on all traffic updates and alert you to all possible speed camera locations on your route. It also has voice alerts that help you stay focused on the road and can give the best time to leave information so that you do not get caught up in traffic. App Link



The camera radar application is one of the best in the market and offers you a 3D display of maps. You can easily switch between two modes, that is, day and night mode. The application also offers you all live traffic updates and has the capability of working in the background. It comes with a display dashboard that also shows you your current speed to keep you aware of your driving limits. App Link




This application gives you all the performance features you will ever need in a radar application. It has the capability of receiving and submitting data on traffic police locations in your surrounding so that you can all share as a community. It will also provide you with information regarding all camera traps on your route and has the capacity to tell between fake and real traps to avoid false alarms. App Link



This application stands out because of its easy-to-use and intuitive functionalities. It can give information about both mobile and fixed speed cameras which allow you to stay alert wherever you are. The easy-to-use dashboard will also give you real-time alerts of traffic and road incidents whenever you are driving keeping you in control of your surroundings. App Link



The speed camera app is able to provide data on all speed cameras on your route. It also has real-time notifications of all danger zones and accidents on the road and can provide alternative routes for you. In addition to that, the app also picks both fixed and mobile speed cameras and can alert you on the average speed that you are doing against the required average. App Link



The best thing about this application is that it is community-based so that users on the platform can alert other users on the nature and incidents on the road including police cameras, accidents, and any other disturbances on the road. Additionally, it also has an intuitive dashboard that is easy to use and can pick laser and radar signals nearby. You are also able to receive real-time alerts on the incidents on your route. App Link



The Alberta radar detector will keep you aware of your surrounding whenever you are on the road. The application keeps track of your speed and gives you real-time alerts of your current average speed against the required speed. It also warns you of all the available traffic police stops on the road and detects all speed cameras, both fixed and mobile. App Link



This app uses GPS and your internet connection to detect all radar devices on the road and warn you of possible police stops. It has the capacity to detect all signals, both laser and radar, and help you approach at a safe speed to avoid paying fines. It will also provide real-time alerts of all traffic incidents and display them on the dashboard. App Link

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