Best Free Weather Radar Apps for the iPhone and iPad


1. WeatherNow

WeatherNow shows weather information for your current location, where it displays information like dew point, humidity, visibility level, wind speed & direction and more. It also supports an hourly forecast that offers some insight into the weather expected over the next 24 hours. This one is really easy to navigate through as it’s laid out in a simple arrangement while still offering some color that looks great on iPhone X’s OLED display.

This app packs a beautiful & informative design while giving you access to 7-day forecasts for your favorite places via Spotlight search or Siri Shortcuts within iOS 12. Additionally, users can share their best weather photos directly from within the app on Twitter or Facebook with #WeatherNow on board. WeatherNow requires iOS 10 or later to use and it’s available as a free download without any additional in-app purchases included within it.

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2. The Weather Channel: Forecasts & Alerts

The Weather Channel is your one-stop-shop for accurate weather reports to ensure you’re well aware of what’s going on outside right now and over the next few hours. It uses historical data from past years & decades to predict how much snow you might get in the upcoming winter months, springtime, summertime, etc.

On top of that, The Weather Channel: Forecasts & Alertsfeatures alerts for severe weather conditions across your area so you can plan accordingly if lightning strikes are expected nearby. And if you’re interested in the hourly forecast, you can get it by accessing the app’s “feels like” temperature that includes humidity levels within it which is pretty neat because most people forget about humidity when checking out feels like temperatures via home thermostats.

The Weather Channel: Forecasts & Alerts requires iOS 10 or later to use and it’s available as a free download without any additional in-app purchases included within it.

It’s also optimized for iPhone X, but it doesn’t have the 21:9 or 24:9 aspect ratio support which is pretty disappointing.

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3. Dark Sky

The Dark Sky app has been very popular over the past few years, and for good reason! The app comes with all of the standard features you’d expect to see including accurate forecasts (both short term and long term) as well as an interactive weather map that will tell you everything happening in your local area. It’s important to mention that all of this information is provided to users at lightning-fast speeds, so there’s no waiting around for forecasts or radar maps; it’ll be displayed to you immediately after opening up the app.

The design itself is incredibly sleek and easy to navigate which makes checking out forecasts before heading out super quick. What we like about Dark Sky though is that it doesn’t bombard its users with ads on a regular basis, this means that everything is kept nice and clean which in turn makes the app a pleasure to use.

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4. Accuweather

Accuweather is a fantastic weather forecasting app for the iPhone with a beautiful design and plenty of features that you’ll find useful on a day-to-day basis. After launching the app, users can access current weather conditions as well as forecasts for up to 15 days from now using the widget feature – the widget will show you what you need to know at just a glance so that if it’s going to be hot tomorrow, you’ll have no issues stopping off after work on your way home and picking up sun cream!

The radar function provides accurate precipitation data which means that even if it’s rained more than once or twice since yesterday, Accuweather will tell users how much rain has fallen over the past 24 hours; this is perfect for those who are always being caught out by the rain without an umbrella.

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5. The Weather Network – Forecasts & Alerts

The Weather Network offers up accurate forecasts for various cities across Canada & the USA that are brought to you by experts in meteorology who have over 40 years of forecasting experience. It can also show you severe weather alerts that are being issued for your specific forecasted area so you don’t get caught out during dangerous conditions while exploring your neighborhood on foot or via car.

This one uses looping radar animations that you can interact with in order to get a better feel of the upcoming weather conditions.

The Weather Network – Forecasts & Alerts requires iOS 10 or later to use and it’s available as a free download without any additional in-app purchases included within it.

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6. NOAA Hi-Def Radar

NOAA Hi-Def Radar is another excellent map that you can use to get an accurate weather report on your local area in real-time, offering meteorologists & enthusiasts all of the data they need at their fingertips. It’s jam-packed with features like temperature forecasts (7 days), Doppler radar imagery, precipitation accumulation maps and more without any additional in-app purchases or subscriptions needed for you to enjoy everything the app has to offer.

The app uses data gathered by various government institutions including NOAA which means you’ll never be given inaccurate information; everything within this app is incredibly accurate and precise so that you can plan your day accordingly depending on what’s going on in your area. The app is free to download and use without any annoying ads either which is always nice!

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7. WeatherBug

WeatherBug is a fantastic weather app for iPhone that provides users with accurate information about what’s going on in their local area or wherever they have traveled to recently. Get detailed forecasts either by the week, hour or current.

The good thing about this app is that users can get instant notifications from within the app whenever severe weather alerts are issued which could affect people in your area – so if a warning has been issued, you’ll receive an alert via push notification without having to open up the app at all! This app offers lots of details like wind, temperature, pressure, humidity and more.

The waves feature shows precipitation levels across the Earth so you’ll never be caught out by a surprise downpour again – just use Wave Mode and you’ll see 24 hours worth of data plotted around the world which will let you know exactly what’s going on with the weather where you are.

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8. Storm Radar

Storm Radar is a well-designed weather map that provides you with the most accurate Doppler radar images, meaning you can plan your day accordingly depending on what’s going on around your local area. It has various different layers included within it such as satellite imagery and forecasts (sun/moon times, sunrise/sunset times and more) making it a very feature-rich weather app indeed.

You can also easily access live lightning strikes and precipitation levels for the entire world at the touch of a button; this isn’t something we see too often with other apps so it definitely makes Storm Radar stand out from the crowd. The weather map itself is based on data sourced from government agencies and academic institutions, so you know you’re going to get an accurate forecast every time you open the app up.

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Windy offers you an accurate weather forecast with the help of Doppler radar images that are up to date in real-time, meaning you can plan your day accordingly depending on what’s going on around your local area. With its beautiful user interface and over 50 different map layers included, this is definitely one of the most comprehensive weather apps available for iOS right now, so be sure to check it out if you’re looking for something new!

You can do things like see live lightning strikes within your forecasted area which is incredibly helpful for planning ahead when it comes to dangerous weather conditions. It also lets you view wind speed forecasts (for both today & tomorrow), pressure reports, humidity levels and even tidal information.

Download it now:  Here


10. MeteoEarth

MeteoEarth is another excellent weather map app that’s incredibly detailed and jam-packed with layers of coverage all over the world; what we love about this one though (apart from its accuracy and) is the simple menu system. If you’re looking for solid accuracy and precision, this app is definitely one you should consider.

The map itself offers real-time weather reports, which allows users to see how bad the weather might be in your local area before you even get up or leave the house. This means that no matter if it’s raining outside or not you can plan your day accordingly without having to worry about unexpectedly getting soaked! It also comes with a 10-day forecast feature included within it so that when planning your daily routine in advance, you’ll have an accurate idea of what kind of weather to expect in the coming days.

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11. Weather Live

Weather Live is another simplistic weather app for iPhone, but what separates it from most of the competition is its accuracy levels. As you would expect from an excellent weather forecasting app, Weather Live provides accurate forecasts with up to 10 days of information at any one time; these days can be changed depending on your preferences so you’re not stuck with a forecast that may be inaccurate or out of date.

It’s all possible thanks to a built-in radar feature that shows users where precipitation levels are currently being experienced across the world without having to blindly guess – this means that if rain or snow is coming your way, users can travel home early or take an umbrella with them to avoid getting wet.

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12. Weather Underground

Weather Underground is another of the most accurate and detailed weather forecast apps on the market, thanks to its dedicated team of meteorologists who not only use their own data but also communicate with local governments and other trusted sources. What’s great about this app is that users can find out how bad the weather might be in your area before you even leave for work or school – it’ll give you a heads up as to weather conditions are good enough to drive in without looking like a drowned rat!

It’s an official Apple Design Award Winner which means it’s been designed beautifully as well as packed with features that make it super easy to use.

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13. Clima

If you’re looking for a weather app that’s not only packed with features but looks good too, Clima has got just what you need. The design of this app means that users can access everything they want to know about the weather in one neat location – forecasts are easy to read and money because Clima shows two days worth of data at any given time which means you’ll have plenty of information should you need to make plans ahead of time.

The widget is highly customizable so if there’s something particular about the weather forecast that you’d like to see, users can choose to add or remove different elements from the display.

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14. Weather Up

Weather Up is a clean, simple and straightforward weather app for iPhone with plenty to offer. Get the most accurate weather forecast from your current location without having to do anything – WeatherUp just knows where you are and what the conditions are like in that particular spot. It’s a very easy-to-use app that will present everything users need to know about the weather in an intuitive way so they don’t have to fiddle around with settings or features.

Specifically designed for iOS 8, this streamlined approach makes it quick and easy to get information when you need it which is ideal if you’ve got somewhere important to be or someone who is expecting you! The widget offers a compact view of the weather near your current location which will always be on hand.

Download it now: Here

15. Radar Now

Radar Now provides you with the most accurate weather report via a high-resolution imagery map that shows you what’s going on in your local area with a seamless UX design that makes interacting with radar data a joy for all iOS users, regardless of the operating system or device they might own. The app is incredibly easy to use and it can overlay rain accumulation over live maps to give you an idea of how much precipitation has fallen since the last time radar was updated (so basically how deep puddles will be after this).

It also lets you see satellite images and real-time lightning strikes within your forecasted area which can help you plan your day accordingly.

The app is updated with the latest weather information every five minutes or so and it provides precise forecasts of up to 10 days which can help you plan vacations that are far away in advance or just figure out what you might be able to expect for this week ahead. Radar Now uses Doppler radars situated all over America which are used by local TV stations, national newspapers & online portals as well as government agencies & academic institutions.

This means the app’s radar imagery is very precise and up-to-date along with being incredibly detailed due to its HD resolution levels which makes it easier for you to see where dangerous storms are headed before they hit your area. There are no subscriptions required here which is always great to see.

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