What is the iBobber and How to Use it

What is the iBobber?

The iBobber is the world’s first smart Bluetooth fish finder. It has a 60-foot range, can sense depth up to 100 feet, and works with all current iOS devices running iOS 7 or later. The app displays detailed sonar data on your phone in real-time including temperature readings, water speed, location coordinates, battery life, and detailed maps of where you are fishing.

Fishing has never been so easy! Now instead of having to drop a cast every few seconds, you have much more time to enjoy yourself. The iBobber uses sound waves that bounce off the objects under the water surface to see what is there.

These waves reflect back at different speeds depending on how far away they are from an object, which lets you know the depth of that object.

What Makes it Better than any Other Fishfinder?

The iBobber is also unique because it can distinguish between different types of objects, like rocks and wood, as well as fishing spots with different water speeds.

It’s also very portable which makes it easy to take with you on your boat or kayak. Unlike most other fish finders you don’t need to mount this one onto your vessel; just stick it into your pocket!

It has an onboard GPS sensor which allows the app to keep track of where you are fishing. This means you never have to worry about losing your favorite fishing spot ever again! No longer do you need to spend hours looking for that perfect fishing hole because now you can just look at your phone and see exactly where that fishing hole is.

Thanks to the app you will always know where you are and how deep it is, so if you drop a bait, you won’t need to guess how far down it’s gone! The iBobber also has an auto-cast feature that sends your hook or lures out as far as 5 meters (15 feet) with the push of a button instead of having to force it out by repeatedly jerking on the rod for every cast.

How does the iBobber Work?

The iBobber uses sound waves that bounce off the objects under the water surface to see what is there. These waves reflect back at different speeds depending on how far away they are from an object, which lets you know the depth of that object.

The iBobber uses WiFi and Bluetooth technology to sense the user’s distance from their smartphone. The sonar pulses create a 360-degree view of what is underwater within 150ft (50m) of the unit. This information is then sent directly to the iBobber app via Bluetooth.

How accurate is the iBobber?

The iBobber has an accuracy of +/- 0.2 meters (approximately 4 inches).

iBobber is incredibly accurate within 150ft (50m) in clear water conditions with its sonar readings being displayed in real-time for immediate feedback regarding depth info, size of fish, weather conditions, etc via WiFi.

What can I see with the iBobber?

The iBobber gives you a complete visual experience of what is under the water where you are fishing, boating or swimming. The app lets you know everything from which types of fish are around, how far down it is to whatever’s on the bottom of the ocean floor, as well as what kind of plants or rocks might be lurking there.

You will also be able to access weather information for that area such as air pressure, humidity levels, etc.

Is the iBobber Waterproof? How do I Wash it?

Yes! The entire unit is completely waterproof up to a depth of 100ft (30m).

When you want to wash it, simply use a damp cloth and mild soap. Make sure all the saltwater is off this device when you do clean it. You must ensure that you let this dry completely before attempting to connect via Bluetooth.

Is the iBobber Easy to See Outside? How do I Adjust my Settings?

Yes! The sonar readings from this are clearly represented by either a green, yellow or red bar on your screen. This is dependent on how far away you are from the object that has been detected.

The closer you are to an object, the more of a green signal you will see on your app’s display.

The app also lets you adjust the brightness of the screen as well as the sonar frequency of this device depending upon what type of fish you are trying to catch and it also gives information on water clarity where you are fishing at etc.

Do I need an Internet Connection with this Device?

No, you do not need a cellular data plan for this unit to work – all you require is WiFi connectivity in order for this unit to function. The app will then update all your findings in real-time via Bluetooth.

Can I use my Tablet with the iBobber?

Yes, to use your tablet with the iBobber you must download the app to your tablet. However, no display is available on the tablet so you will not be able to see sonar/depth information transferred from the unit.

Does it Have a Night Mode?

Yes, it has a night mode for viewing sea creatures and fish through your screen in low light conditions.

How many hours will the iBobber’s Battery Last?

Your iBobber is powered by a rechargeable Lithium-Ion battery that will last up to 16 hours of continuous use. The “low power” LED indicator at the top of the unit lets you know when it’s time to recharge via a micro USB cable. With just 1 hour of charging, your unit will be ready to go for another 8 hours.

How to Use the iBobber?

  • Make sure the iBobber is charged and turned on. To turn on the iBobber, press and hold the power button for 1-2 seconds until you hear a beep. The little LED light will glow blue to indicate that it’s on.
  • Download the app to your smartphone or tablet
  • Open the app on your phone, you should see a blue screen with “iBOBBER” in white lettering at the top of your screen. This will show that it’s ready to connect via Bluetooth.
  • Open up your phone’s WiFi settings to connect to the iBobber. You’ll find it named “iBobber_xxxx” with the default password being “password”, where xxxx is a unique identifier.
  • Find a fishing spot that is around 60 feet deep for best results. You can adjust the settings depending on what type of fish you are trying to catch and how far down they are likely to be found.
  • Once you have made all changes required hit the toggle switch near the bottom of your display which says, “TURNING ON BOAT MODE Once this has been switched from off to on it will change from a blue screen to a green screen with an icon of a fish in the upper right corner.
  • Once you have hit the toggle switch for boat mode your readings should start appearing within a few seconds or minutes depending on how close you are to any objects that may be detected.
  • When looking at the frequency settings make sure it is between 200KHZ – 800KHZ when fishing for different species of fish. The iBobber can also be used when kayak fishing and even surfing, etc
  • If you’d like, send out notifications to your friends or family about where you are and what you’re up to using the app’s “text message” feature (this requires an additional SIM card).
  • You can share your catches with the iBobber community at http://www.bobberfishingapp.com/en/community/
  • The best position for your iBobber is on a flat surface about 12 inches from the water’s edge. If you are near the shore, make sure there aren’t any obstructions such as rocks or vegetation directly underneath where you’ve placed your device. In these cases, it might take a few seconds longer for readings to appear but should still eventually work if you remain in that general area.
  • Remember that once these readings do appear it could take sounds up to 10-15 seconds to travel from the iBobber and reach your ears. This is due to how sound travels through water and the fact that we don’t want it sitting deep in the water.
  • If you want to cast out your iBobber for use as a casting aid, try doing so about 10 feet away from where you think fish might be (this will help speed up the process of receiving readings). If no fish are found or too far away then it may be necessary to move closer until your iBobber begins showing readings on your smartphone/tablet screen.
  • If this occurs, check both “FISH” and “SEA LIFE” tabs on the right side of your device’s display since other sea creatures such as dolphins or stingrays may be detected.
  • Also, please note that fish and sea life will not always appear on the screen immediately since changes in pressure and temperature can affect readings transmitted from your iBobber.
  • If you want to know more about your catches or those of other users visit http://www.bobberfishingapp.com/en/community/
  • Once you have finished your activity please remember to turn off “boat mode” via your boating app otherwise they might drain the battery. Also, if they remain in the water after use, the battery drain will be even greater.
  • If you ever need to reset or change your iBobber ID, you can do so using the app. Simply press the “More” tab in the top left corner and select “Settings”.

Final Words

The iBobber acts as a bobber/fishfinder for fresh and saltwater fishing. It helps provide the location of fish and other sea life within your proximity based on water temperature, depth, and pressure readings taken by the transmitted sensor technology. The device uses Bluetooth 4.0 to connect with your smartphone or tablet which is required for use.

This is the perfect addition to any fisherman’s tacklebox.